Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FGA in Basel: I Never Read + Liste magazine table

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Liste 10—16 June 2019. Burgweg 15, Basel.
In two and a half weeks (12—15 June) we will be in Basel for the I Never Read Art Book Fair in the Kaserne to present our new FGA#38 International Edition (2019). We could have also called it the COOP-Issue because it is partly about how we can create and keep affordable living and working space for the long term. This is becoming more and more a problem.

We will also bring our Existentialism Issue (FGA#35) made in 2017 to the table. It is the closing project of Alexandra Blättlers project New Existentialism, and contains 3 conversations and an essay. The conversations are with: Ger Groot, Dutch philosopher and writer; Alana Jelinek, Australian artist and writer of the book This is Not Art: Activism and Other "Not-Art"; and Alexandra Blättler, curator of the show and Swiss art historian. The essay The Crude Read of True Resolve is by Jan Verwoert, he is a German critic, writer and lecturer on cultural theory, and a musician.

At the same time both editions can be found on the Liste magazine table. We have been at the Liste magazine table for more than 10 years and for us it is kind of a reality check to see how your own publication relates to other magazines, especially since we are not a "real" art magazine. But who knows, maybe we are? How we look at it is that we operate in the folds of the system.

Just like in previous years, we have a barter deal and we share our banners and information.
Hope to see you in Basel!


FGA#38, International edition—What life could be.
Published by edition fink, Zurich.
FGA38_Title: What life could be / the ambivalence of success
(International Edition: Zurich—2019)

14 Conversations with:
Lisa Lee Benjamin, Frank Hyde-Antwi, Wenzel A. Haller, Felix Stephan Huber, Marco Jacomella, Claudia Jolles, Andreas Marti, Angela Marzullo and Michael Hofer, NORM, Jan van Oordt, Manuela Pfrunder, Curdin Tones, Eva Wagner, Hans Widmer aka P.M.

Image- and Text contributions by: 
Stefan Burger, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Hayat Erdogan, Tine Milz und Julia Reichert, Anne-Laure Franchette, Patrizia Mazzei und Andreas Marti, Haus am Gern, Michael Hiltbrunner, Marco Jacomella and Michele D’Ariano Simionato, Marta Margnetti and Giacomo Galletti, Pietro Mattioli, Jan van Oordt, Elodie Pong, Arthur de Pury, Boris Siemaszko and Melina Wilson, Curdin Tones, Micha Zweifel

Dokuments, fragments and quotes by:
Søren Berner, Stefan Burger, CIRA, Ernst Gisel, Terrence Mc Kenna, Otto Mueller, Serge Stauffer

360 pages, 72 img., 52 in colour, 17 facsimiles
19 x 13 cm, paperback
Design: Nienke Terpsma, Rotterdam
Publisher: edition fink. Zürich 2018
ISBN 978-3-03746-232-4
ISSN 1874-0227